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Create videos that not only showcase your talent but also engage your audience in a way that is sure to make your music go viral. Imagine the possibilities - explosive social growth, millions of views, and the ultimate recognition as a top artist in the music industry. Don't let your talent go unnoticed - join our program today and start creating TikTok content that will take you to number one on the platform!

Why SoundPush?

Watch how we've taken artists and exploded their social growth through simplifying marketing for our artists.

Get Your Song To Trend On TikTok

Here's what our value packed course will teach you about conquering your content game, giving you the best chance possible to go viral.

Module 1

Know Your Fans

Defining your target audience
Defining your artist project and brand
How to research what plan works for you
Building a guideline for your project
Module 2

Sound Selection

Break down your song
Determining the emotion/message/story
Parts of your song should you test
Quotables and how to use them
Module 3

Promo Timeline

When you should start promoting your song
Ramping up relevance on social media
Audience interaction
Included 6 week promo timeline
Module 4

Your Content

Discovering your style
Branding and storytelling
Framing breakdown
Filming, lighting and creating your viral content
Module 5

Engaging Editing

Conveying energy and emotion
Cuts and transitions
Sound design and experience
Cap Cut walkthrough and tutorial
Module 6

Promotion Timeline

Defining your target audience
Defining your artist project and brand
research what plan works for you
Building a guideline for your project
Module 7

When You Start Trending

What to do if you start trending
What to do if your video doesn't go viral
How to avoid burning out on social media
Conversation farming
Module 8

Momentum + Frequency

What to post inbetween releases
Documenting the whole process
Collaborating with other creators
Fan interaction = fan engagement
Module 9


Sell your music, your music sells everything
"The Office" Rule
The artist is the brand
Aligning with the culture of your genre
Module 10

Final Tips

Managing your expectations
Dropping your ego
Viewer to fan funnel
Remember why you're doing this
Bonus +

Free Assets Included:

Videos per soundbite template
6 week social media + release plan
Playlist pitching document
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Don't Join:

+ You might not be ready for the level of success that comes with being a pop star. With our program, you'll be able to create content that goes viral, and you might find yourself in the limelight sooner than you think. If you're not prepared to handle the pressure and attention that comes with being a star, then this program might not be for you

+ You might not be willing to put in the work required to succeed. Our program is designed to help you create compelling content that resonates with your audience. However, creating viral content takes time, effort, and a lot of creativity. If you're not willing to put in the work required to make your music stand out, then this program might not be the best fit for you.

+ Some artists prefer to stay out of the spotlight and focus on their craft. If you're more interested in making music than becoming a pop star, then this program might not align with your goals.

Join If You Want To:

+ Learn how to create content that resonates with your audience. With our program, you'll receive expert guidance on how to create compelling TikTok content that captures the attention of your followers. You don't have to be a pop star to create viral content - you just need the right tools and strategy.

+ Be able to expand your reach and grow your fanbase. Our program is designed to help you reach a wider audience and gain more followers on social media. By creating content that goes viral, you'll be able to attract new fans and establish yourself as a rising star in the music industry.

+ Have the opportunity to collaborate with other artists and creators. With our program, you'll be connected with a community of like-minded musicians and creators who are passionate about music and social media. Collaborating with other artists can help you grow your following and expand your creative network.

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We Flooded These Indie Artist's Profiles With New Fans.

Over 1.5 million streams in the first week...

We started working with Go-Jo just over a month ago and he has been a phenomenal example of how we leverage organic attention to drive people over to stream and save your music. In the last 4 weeks, Go-Jo has gained a whopping 160K on instagram and 200K followers on TikTok. This has lead to his latest single Mrs. Hollywood gaining over 1.5 million streams in the first week and charting in the top 50 in 9 different countries.


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Organic Impressions Earned


New Followers in less than 30 days

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"I Went From 100 Followers To 22K in 4 Months..."

Mason went through the beta version of our course as a test and his results proved that our strategies to not only bring in more dedicated fans, but to create more opportunities to monetise his skills as a musician.


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TikTok Audience Growth


Extra profit made through monetisation

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About Me: Josh Pulford

Josh is a true music marketing maverick.

With over 7 years of experience in the industry. He has worked with major labels such as Warner, Sony, and Universal, and with artists big and small. As a renowned director, social media manager, and marketer, Josh has created viral campaigns generating millions of views and hundreds of thousands of dollars. He now runs his own music marketing agency, helping labels and artists create tailored organic and paid strategies. Josh understands the importance of social media presence and hype to create target audiences who will give their money in a heartbeat. He is a game-changer in the music industry, always pushing the boundaries for his clients.

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